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Unlocking New Opportunities

Michele Cassell

    For Michele Cassell, it was all about taking control of her future.  Having worked for other companies, she had always been at the mercy of someone else making decisions that effectively controlled her life.  The allure of working for herself, keeping all the money she earned and having ownership of her time was something that grew every day until finally she decided to strike out on her own. 
    Starting out part-time with a single Tajima embroidery machine, Michele gradually built up a customer base by providing a wide variety of embroidered products like golf shirts with business logos, sweatshirts for team sports and headwear for special events.  As the business grew so did her independence as she was slowly gaining control over her life through her business enterprise.
    In the spring of 2009, Michele took another step in her growth process by adding a Mimaki digital garment printer to her business operation.  This addition enabled her to provide large multi-color designs on t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, jackets etc, quickly and easily.  Traditionally such products were screen printed, but as she had found during her research, a digital printing was a much cleaner, simpler process.


Hard to believe that Michele's business started out as a home-based, part-time operation.

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